Have Your Say: Clanton Park and Wilson Heights Parkette Will Be Renamed

The City of Toronto is renaming Clanton Park and Wilson Heights Parkette. Until Monday October 14, we will be collecting public feedback at www.toronto.ca/whatsmyname or by mail listed below.

The City of Toronto is looking to rename Clanton Park, located at 30 Palm Drive to “Elie Wiesel Park”.

Elie Wiesel was an internationally recognized author, teacher and humanitarian. As a Holocaust survivor, he has earned notable international recognitions and awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for his work in defending the oppressed and spreading peace around the world. The Elie Wiesel Award and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity were created to continue his legacy. Many Jewish schools and Synagogues in the Clanton Park community educate youth and children about the importance of Elie Wiesel’s work.
The renaming will honour Elie Wiesel’s important international contribution as a champion for human rights.

City of Toronto Notice: Wilson Heights Parkette Renaming

The City of Toronto is looking to rename Wilson Heights Parkette, located at 576 Wilson Heights Boulevard to “Michael Feldman Parkette”.

Former City Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Michael Feldman held office for 18 years in York Centre. He was a champion for local and City-wide issues, including housing prior to amalgamation, and the beautification of the 401 at the southeast corner of Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue.
His vision for the City has been inspired by European traditions, such as the idea of creating bicycle lanes that are truly separated from lanes for motorized vehicles. The renaming recognizes the municipal contributions of Michael Feldman in the heart of Bathurst Manor.

Letters of support or objection should be mailed or faxed to:

Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Park Naming Coronation Park
711 Lakeshore Boulevard West Toronto
ON M5V 3T7
Fax: 416-392-4186
Comments must be received by Monday October 14, 2019 Or SURVEY LINK: www.toronto.ca/whatsmyname