City-Wide Study on Existing City of Toronto Off-Leash Areas

Parks, Forestry and Recreation is leading an interdivisional study to examine how the City’s Off-Leash Areas (OLAs) can be reimagined to better harmonize with existing park uses and provide a satisfying user experience. The study is a follow-up to the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan recommendation to develop criteria for improving existing dog off-leash areas.

The consultation process will happen in three phases and will involve City

staff, park users, dog owners, and the general public city-wide:

  1. Spring/Summer 2019: Build Understanding
    Stakeholder meetings and an online survey, seeking feedback and presenting best practices.
  • Summer/Fall 2019: Test Ideas
    Stakeholder meetings and “Pup-up” consultations on eight local case studies.
  • Fall/Winter 2019: Finalize Recommendations
    Stakeholder meetings and a second online survey, seeking feedback on the recommendations.

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