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2017-01-19 | CTV News
“Pasternak said the goal of the panel would be to analyze recent planning and real estate decisions that have created a commuter parking shortage and find alternative parking options.”

2017-01-19 | CBC News
“Now, Ward 10 Coun. James Pasternak says this “war on the car” decision is causing headaches for commuters and he’s asking city council to make sure there will be enough parking as Toronto transit expands.”

2016-11-03 | CTV News
“That, however, didn’t sit well with Toronto Coun. James Pasternak, who told CP24 earlier on Thursday that Mississauga should start paying its fair share towards these sort of projects and should so with a recognition of the urgency that exists.”

2016-11-03 | Toronto Star
“Councillors James Pasternak, Josh Colle and Christin Carmichael Greb are also part of the delegation.”

2016-10-08 | Toronto Star
“Councillor James Pasternak, chair of the city’s community development and recreation committee urged staff to review the program after meeting Bardeau in June.”

2016-09-27 | Toronto Star
“‘There is a gathering storm over the proposals that would redraw the map with 44 wards and carve up neighbourhoods,’ said Councillor James Pasternak whose Ward 10 York Centre, stretching from Highway 401 to Steeles Ave. roughly between Bathurst and Dufferin Sts., would vanish entirely under that scenario.”

2016-09-08 | CBC
“‘It is vital that fairness and accessibility be part of our recreation registration process,’ Coun. James Pasternak (Ward 10 York Centre) said in a statement. ‘Through these efforts we hope to provide technological solutions that ensure residents’ first experience with the City is a positive one.'”

2016-04-06 | North York Mirror
“A meeting to discuss streetscape enhancements to 495 Wilson Ave. was held Monday, April 4 by York Centre Councillor James Pasternak and touched on new seating, gardens, and sidewalk improvements to the Toronto Community Housing building to the tune of $150,000.”

2016-03-07 | Metro Toronto
“The changes are meant to make the sport more accessible, something Coun. James Pasternak, head of the community development and recreation committee, said people have asked for.”

2016-02-24 | Beach Mirror
“Councillor James Pasternak is calling for the cancellation of a Toronto Reference Library appearance tonight by controversial author and journalist Max Blumenthal because of his anti-Israel writings.

2015-10-28 | North York Mirror
“Two community consultation sessions were held in October by Toronto Arts and Culture, North York Arts, and councillors John Filion and James Pasternak, which drew quite a bit of interest from those wishing to see North York thrive when it comes to the arts, Pasternak said.”

2015-10-08 | CP24
“There is nothing better to bring a city together than a successful sports franchise. The Jays have been out of the playoffs for so many years and it so exciting to see them back,” Ward 10 Coun. James Pasternak said. “Toronto is ready for another great athletic success and the Blue Jays have a great opportunity to bring it.”

2015-09-22 | AM640
“Councillor James Pasternak doesn’t want to see this toll applied to residents of the 416, as they “pay their fair share through the property tax base, we shouldn’t be going to them for more.””

2015-06-25 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak – the chair of the community development committee – said the name recognizes the risk firefighters take “when they answer that 911 call.””

2015-06-23 | BostInno
“Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak voiced his opinion in a recent Toronto Sun article that the Canadian city should explore becoming a “junior partner” with Boston 2024, allocating an additional place for venues and helping to shoulder a proportionate amount of the financial burden.”

2015-06-23 | North York Mirror
“North York Arts and Toronto Arts Foundation partner with Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak, the city and the province to put on the event.”

2015-06-18 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak wants Toronto to offer some hosting help to Boston in its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.”

2015-06-08 | Canadian Jewish News
“Its likely those uses will change under new ownership, though local city councillor James Pasternak thinks B’nai Brith will remain on site for some time after a sale.”

2015-04-24 | Arutz Sheva
“In honor of Israeli Independence Day on Thursday and in a sign of the warm relations enjoyed between Israel and Canada, Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak held an Israeli flag-raising ceremony at Toronto City Hall.”

2015-04-22 | Toronto Star
“Mayor John Tory’s executive committee unanimously approved Councillor James Pasternak’s motion asking city staff to report back on a strategy governing the use of drones in the City of Toronto’s outdoor spaces.”

2015-04-22 | Global News
“City hall’s executive committee has passed a motion by Coun. James Pasternak to take a look at the use of drones in Toronto’s public spaces.”

2015-04-14 | North York Mirror
“Mayor John Tory, alongside York Centre Councillor James Pasternak, cut the ribbon to mark the occasion and celebrate the first of seven enhanced youth spaces to open across the city.”

2015-03-31 | Toronto Sun
“With the latest shortfall, Councillor James Pasternak estimated the city has received around $700 million in “surprises” from the province over the last few months.”

2015-03-31 | Metro
“Coun. James Pasternak says there’s a role for the city to enact bylaws governing drone use around city facilities to protect people from being photographed by drones and from being injured if a drone falls on them.”

2015-03-31 | CityNews
“CityNews reporter Pam Seatle is City Hall where council will discuss the regulations of drones.”

2015-03-26 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak wants City Hall to look at how it can govern the use of drones over city property.”

2015-03-17 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak wants to take a swing at making Toronto a “centre of tennis excellence.””

2015-02-27 | Toronto Sun
“Their demise was most certainly not due to any attempts by the majority of city council – other than Councillor James Pasternak – or Pride’s organizers or the city’s bureaucrats to do what’s right to get this group and their noxious message out of the parade.”

2015-02-27 | Canadian Jewish News
“Representatives from Jewish organizations, as well as Jewish Toronto city councilor James Pasternak, responded to the news by reiterating their condemnation of QuAIA and its presence at the annual city-funded Pride Parade.”

2015-01-22 | Torontoist
“City councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre), who chairs the City’s Community Development and Recreation Committee, said during a phone interview that additional shelter spaces address only some of Toronto’s overall housing challenges. “We must have a frank and honest discussion about mental health, and about addiction and substance abuse,” Pasternak said.”

2015-01-19 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak – a member of the budget committee – predicted the proposed tax increase would be at the rate of inflation and that the budget wouldn`t freeze TTC fares or reduce recreation fees.”

2015-01-19 | National Post
“What we see tomorrow is a city staff proposal and it is not cast in stone, said Councillor James Pasternak, a member of the budget committee. We don`t pass it until March, and we might have other financial data regarding the inflation.”

2015-01-15 | NOW
“In light of the extreme climate conditions and the deaths of four people, it is incumbent on all of us to support an immediate action plan, said Councillor James Pasternak, chair of the committee.”

2015-01-13 | Globe and Mail
“Councillor James Pasternak, chair of the city’s community development committee, said he is working with staff to find money in reserve funds to open additional temporary beds, but described the demand for more beds as “a good rallying cry,” rather than long-term answer.”

2014-12-05 | North York Mirror
“James Pasternak, a North York councillor, said he was relieved to hear of a way to preserve a club which he said plays a “vital role, not only in the Jewish community but in the wider community as well.””

2014-10-28 | North York Mirror
“Pasternak cruised to his second term in office Monday, Oct. 27, defeating his closest rival by more than 8,000 votes.”

2014-10-27 | Toronto Star
“Pasternak said he was looking forward to working with Mayor John Tory, who will, “focus on initiatives and not the division that we have seen.””

2014-10-27 | North York Mirror
“James Pasternak cruised to his second term in office Monday, Oct. 27, defeating his closest rival by 8,071 votes.”

2014-07-22 | Toronto Star
“Pasternak said the city last year opened a new, $2.5-million ski lift while rejecting a proposal from Vermont-based ArborTrek Canopy Adventures which would have seen the company invest $2 million in a visitor centre that could double as a community centre.”

2014-07-22 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak wants to the TTC to start doing its homework on a Sheppard West subway line.”

2014-05-08 | CityNews Toronto
“A ceremony for VE Day was held at Toronto City Hall on Thursday. Rima Kar has more on this story.”

2014-05-02 | Canadian Jewish News
“Although this program is only in its first year, it has already garnered attention from Toronto City Council. On May 6, Toronto city councillors Joe Mihevc and James Pasternak will proclaim the week as Kindness Week.”

2014-03-27 | Metro
“The City of Toronto should honour the late Nelson Mandela by naming part of a city street after him, says Councillor James Pasternak.”

2014-03-21 | Canadian Jewish News
“Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak is urging the city’s legal department to fight a court challenge to the Toronto Transit Commission’s decision to bar an anti-Israeli ad from the transit authority’s property and vehicles.”

2014-03-01 | North York Post
“Coun. James Pasternak is still actively searching for solutions, his preferred solution being the establishment of a community centre or tennis clubhouse at Rockford Park, just west of the Rockford School, which could serve as space for the group.”

2014-03-01 | North York Post
“One of the issues that prompted the residents to band together was the proposal of a six-storey, mixed-use development on Wilmington Ave. Coun. James Pasternak said the community is opposed to redeveloping such a central part of Bathurst Manor where retail and amenities are sparse.”

2014-01-16 | North York Mirror
“The high-priority Bathurst neighbourhood is made up of highrise buildings and is home to a large population of seniors and also young families. Many residents find it difficult to access the few grocery stores in the area, especially during bad weather, York Centre Councillor James Pasternak said. ”

2013-12-10 | North York Mirror
“The response from communities across Toronto to support the relief efforts in the Philippines has been remarkable,” Councillor James Pasternak said in a release.”

2013-11-27 | Canadian Jewish News
“”Haifa is known throughout the world as a city of business, culture and innovation. Speaking with Mayor Yahav, it quickly became clear that there is enormous potential for investment between our two cities,” Coun. James Pasternak said. “I look forward to working together in the future on cultural and economic initiatives.””

2013-11-13 | North York Mirror
“York Centre Councillor James Pasternak said he is “shocked and saddened” by the death and destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan. ”

2013-10-25 | Canadian Jewish News
“Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue recently dedicated itself as a “community hub” for Bathurst Manor after making a number of upgrades to its building.”

2013-09-03 | Now Toronto
“Councillor James Pasternak says he will “vigorously oppose” any attempt to put the ads on city transit. The councillor, who has led council’s fight this term to bar Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from the Pride parade, believes the signage is the latest attempt by pro-Palestinian groups to “hijack” public institutions in order to unfairly attack Israel.”

2013-09-01 | Snap North York
“This North York summer festival proved to offer a cool variety of activities with something for everyone! The day was filled with an array of art to view & purchase, along with tasty fare for good old fashioned family fun.”

2013-09-01 | Snap North York
“These complimentary invitations, sponsored by Councillor James Pasternak, offered all the local residents an opportunity to watch free family movies, outside on the big screen, in Earl Bales Park’s Barry Zukerman Amphitheatre.”

2013-09-01 | North York Post
“Local councillor James Pasternak said that he predicts a “very negative” backlash from residents at the new meeting. He said that modifications to the original proposal did not go far enough to address the needs of the character of the community.”

2013-07-26 | Canadian Jewish News
“Pasternak said redevelopment is a good idea, but it has to be done properly. “They have to take into consideration traffic and density issues.””

2013-07-19 | Canadian Jewish News
“Pasternak said the new amendments represent a positive step toward ensuring that city funds are used properly.”

2013-05-13 | North York Mirror
“During last week’s marathon debate on revenue tools to fund public transit expansion, Toronto Council endorsed Pasternak,s motion to request that the project be added to the list of priorities for public transit expansion in Metrolinx’s second phase of the provincial Big Move transit plan.”

2013-04-24 | National Post
“”The votes aren’t there to take away funding, there is no desire to push Pride off a cliff,” said Councillor Pasternak. “If anything, you give them a diversity bonus. You increase the funding, with one level of funding that stays as is and you give them a diversity bonus if they decline QuAIA’s application,” he said.”

2013-04-24 | Metro
“”If the mayor and others want to be a dissenting voice on revenue tools, they can express that at council and go on record,” said councillor James Pasternak, a centrist who represents Ward 10 York Centre.”

2013-04-22 | Toronto Star
“Councillor James Pasternak argues the term “Israeli apartheid” is inaccurate, hurtful, discriminatory and has no place at a festival of gay rights that receives roughly $124,000 in city funding.”

2013-02-28 | North York Mirror
“In an announcement at the Bathurst-Finch Hub Tuesday, Feb. 26, Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak for York Centre, told a room full of artists and cultural workers that $22 million in arts funding is coming to Toronto.”

2013-02-01 | SNAP North York
“Councillor James Pasternak invited local residents to share their thoughts and opinions on the important issues facing Ward 10 and Toronto including the 2013 Toronto budget, the proposed Toronto casino, reducing gridlock, community safety and affordable housing.”

2013-02-01 | SNAP North York
“Councillor James Pasternak, Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Norm Kelly joined members of the public to officially open the new $2.3 million ski lift at the Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre in Toronto. ”

2012-12-31 | North York Mirror
“York Centre Councillor James Pasternak said the game is what international relations is all about.”

2012-12-19 |
“Creative ideas are good, but it’s a risky game when we talk about selling the DVP or the Gardiner Expressway,” said York Centre Councillor James Pasternak. “If those were offloaded to private hands, it could strangle decision-making for the city for decades. It would affect our ability to structure a regional transit system, it would strangle us in planning and building.”

2012-12-18 | National Post
“But its future will be a hotly debated item once city staff report back on the various options in May. Councillor James Pasternak, the budget committee member who urged that the leasing option be considered, cast the sale of the Gardiner and the DVP as a “risky game.””

2012-11-29 |
“Rookie York Centre Councillor James Pasternak is thrilled with what has happened in his ward in the last two years.”

2012-10-23 | Jewish Tribune
“It was an honour to host these distinguished civic leaders at Toronto City Hall,” said Pasternak, who hosted the event. “They bring a wealth of information to the table and certainly Toronto has something to offer as well.”

2012-09-09 | Toronto Star
“There’s a cost in waiving fees but the benefits far outweigh the money we don’t get,” says Pasternak, who was elected Ward 10 councillor in 2010. “I see no problem balancing fiscal responsibility with preserving key programs. It’s not easy but we believe we can get it done.”

2012-08-22 | Town Crier
“After months of pleas from the community and several rounds of budget wrangling, council last month named Antibes Community Centre a priority centre.”

2012-08-06 |
“The eyes of the world are on London right now. But could Toronto land the Olympic games one day with the help of Buffalo?”

2012-08-05 | Buffalo Rising
“The reason that Pasternak is even pondering the thought of a joint bid is due to the lack of visitors to Olympic cities in the past – a problem that is known to leave the host cities with “financial hangovers”.”

2012-08-03 | Toronto Sun
“Pasternak said if Toronto is hellbent on bidding for another summer Olympics the city should look at the possibility of a joint bid on the games with a major U.S. city. He argued such a bid may be the only way to hold an Olympics that will actually pay off for its hosts.”

2012-07-07 | Toronto Sun
“The Ward 10, York Centre councillor will ask city council next Thursday to order staff to work with other city agencies and private partnerships to develop a “long-term, sustainable ravine management, education, and recreation program at Earl Bales Park.” If approved, Pasternak wants staff to report back by November on how the city could implement a zip lining opportunity in the park.”

2012-07-03 | SNAP North York
“Councillor James Pasternak and MP Mark Adler opened the new Finch Hydro Corridor multi-use bike trail last month.”

2012-06-20 | Town Crier
“One of the hidden gems in Ward 10 is our fantastic off-road bike trails. These trails are a great way to safely cycle through our beautiful parks, including Earl Bales Park and G. Ross Lord Park.”

2012-06-18 |
“I have seen the enormous talent and creativity of residents of Ward 10,” said local councillor James Pasternak. “The goal is to determine how the city can bring out that talent and put it on the stage, screen, canvass. I’m a big fan of the arts and it defines who cities are. It’s crucial to build resources up here.”

2012-06-01 | North York Post
“According to Coun. Pasternak, a desirable, campuslike space already exists between the civic centre and nearby buildings belonging to the Toronto District School Board, North York Centre Library and Toronto Centre for the Arts.”

2012-05-29 | Jewish Tribune
“City Councillor James Pasternak will attempt to make city funding of the Pride Parade contingent upon the non-participation of the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) group.”

2012-05-24 |
“An intriguing item in front of the city’s economic development committee earlier this week may prove to be a helpful guideline for continuing development in the local economy’s education segment. It is a proposal to pursue a new “degree-granting institution” at the North York Civic Centre and surrounding area.”

2012-05-22 |
“Pasternak’s idea is to lease the space at the arts centre, along with some of the empty offices and meeting spaces at the North York Civic Centre – and some in the board of education building – to a university or other degree-granting institution for a satellite campus.”

2012-05-17 | Toronto Star
“If City Councillor James Pasternak has his way, the old North York city hall, on Yonge St. north of Sheppard – and the neighbouring public square,indoor pool,library and theatre that share the shadow of Mel Lastman’s belltower – would become a new university campus poised to boost Toronto’s brainpower and bank coffers.”

2012-05-11 | Women’s Post
“Pasternak, the self-styled fiscal conservative and token member of City Hall’s ‘Mighty Middle’, is proposing that the City utilize its newfound surplus to restore funding to the High Park Zoo, Far Enough Farm, and a hardship fund for Toronto’s neediest.”

2012-05-10 |
“North York Councillor James Pasternak, a new member of the budget committee, attempted to get through a motion that would reverse nearly all of the controversial cuts.”

2012-05-07 | Toronto Star
“At times, we (councillors) felt we were amputating before we really did the diagnosis,” Pasternak added. “There was a belief that we had a very strong surplus that could preserve a lot of programs.”

2012-05-07 | National Post
“The administration got a taste of what is in store for it in June during the budget committee meeting on Monday, when Councillor James Pasternak proposed using $1.7-million of surplus dollars to keep certain programs and services alive, at least until the end of the year.”

2012-05-04 | CTV News
“Toronto city councillors are examining the idea of a civic credit card, which could generate up to $5 million in revenue annually for the city, according to one prediction.”

2012-05-02 | Shalom Toronto
“The initiative to do this came from James Pasternak, City Councillor. “I suggested the flag raising for Yom Haatzmaut and Israel’s 64th birthday because of our connection with Israel and as educational awareness for City Hall to learn about Israel’s national celebration,” he said. ”

2012-05-01 | Jewish Tribune
“The City Hall event was an initiative of City Councillor James Pasternak.”

2012-04-26 | Toronto Star
“Centrist Toronto Councillor James Pasternak is rallying support for a double-edged relief plan for the city’s over-burdened transit system, with two new subway lines that would carry suburban commuters from the north and east ends of the city.”

2012-04-24 | Toronto Star
“You’ve got a lot of creative energy from new councillors who really want to show progress over the next 2.5 years,” Pasternak said.”

2012-04-21 | National Post
“My sense is that council is battle weary and not battle hardened over financial matters and it doesn’t have the stomach to repeal the land transfer tax and do the cuts that would be necessary,” said Councillor James Pasternak, a new member of the budget committee, which meets next week.”

2012-04-12 | Town Crier
“Pasternak says formal planning for the western link is urgently needed to relieve the greater pressure that a Spadina extension, once complete, will bring to the subway system.”

2012-04-11 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak scored a political win Wednesday, getting city councillors to agree in a 41 to 1 vote to look for ways to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series.”

2012-04-04 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak is trying to get councillors to recognize the ’72 Canada-Russia series. The rookie councillor wants the city to play a leadership role in recognizing the 40th anniversary and drive efforts to hold events recognizing it. Pasternak notes Toronto hosted one of the games, staged the welcome home reception and provided many of the key players that shaped the series.”

2012-03-20 |
“Businesses in Ward 10 can get insight into selling products and services in the City of Toronto by attending an information session hosted by York Centre Councillor James Pasternak.”

2012-03-12 | Town Crier
“Pasternak is advocating for a seamless, continuous route from Downsview Station to Scarborough Town Centre. Currently, the five-station Sheppard subway operates from Yonge Street to Don Mills Road.”

2012-03-02 | Toronto Star
“Whether it’s nine or 11 members, the commission should be dominated by councillors and it should have a politician as chair, agreed city councillor James Pasternak, who said he supports the subway.”

2012-03-02 | Toronto Star
“Councillor James Pasternak, who favours east and west Sheppard subway expansion because he fears subway-LRT connections could discourage ridership, said the ongoing painful debate could birth a new era of city-wide construction of both forms of transit.”

2012-03-01 | SNAP North York
“The commemoration was marked with a wine and cheese reception, and with guest of honour, Ward 10 Councillor, James Pasternak. ”

2012-03-01 | SNAP North York
“Topping it off, the Dare2Dance competition winning students were invited by Councillor James Pasternak to visit City Hall where they were recognized for their achievements in the Council Chambers by Mayor Rob Ford and other City Councillors.”

2012-02-15 | Town Crier
“This budget marks the first decline in gross expenditures since amalgamation with a $20 million decrease – reaffirming this council’s commitment to building a sustainable, affordable and well-managed city.”

2012-02-14 | Town Crier
“Knowledge of local schools and experience in the community is also critical for a school board representative, says Councillor James Pasternak, who represented York Centre as a trustee before being elected to council in 2010. ”

2012-02-07 | Metro Morning
“Matt Galloway spoke about the problem with transit in Toronto with James Pasternak. He is the City Councillor for York Centre. ”

2012-02-03 | Town Crier
“Days before a report about funding a Sheppard subway extension was to be made public, Ward 10 councillor James Pasternak said he was buoyed by news that it included plans for a western link to Downsview station.”

2012-01-27 | Toronto Star
“Undeterred, Pasternak voted in favour of funding for child-care services, the hardship fund, swim and other social programs because, he says, citizens in his ward need them.”

2012-01-26 |
“But if York Centre Councillor James Pasternak has his way, the money would go to build a subway along another part of Sheppard: west of Yonge, between the Yonge Sheppard station and Downsview station.”

2012-01-23 | The Varsity
“Progressive, centrist, and even a couple conservative councillors like Councillors Gloria Lindsay Luby and James Pasternak, who usually ally with the mayor, rallied behind Colle’s motion.”

2012-01-23 | Open File
“”People who’ve tried zip-lining in the past who I spoke to absolutely love it,” Pasternak told the Star. “The company talked about how their whole approach is tree-friendly, and how it’s self-operating, self-financing and that no city funds would be required to set it up.””

2012-01-23 | Global News Toronto
“A company is suggesting building a zipline in Earl Bales park and it has many residents excited. Mark McAllister reports. Read it on Global News: A zipline in Toronto – News Hour – Videos | Global Toronto ”

2012-01-23 | CityNews Toronto
“”Pasternak said the proposal includes ArborTrek “incurring all of the startup and capital costs and then on a revenue-sharing basis over the period of the contract.””

2012-01-22 | Toronto Star
“The Vermont-based ArborTrek Canopy Adventures approached Councillor James Pasternak with a 21-page pitch last November to build and operate zip-lines, canopy tours and aerial-trekking courses at the park, near Bathurst St. and Sheppard Ave. W.”

2012-01-21 | Globe and Mail
“”…and they knew Gloria Lindsay Luby, James Pasternak, Gary Crawford and Chin Lee – votes the mayor usually could count on – had concerns, even after $8.8-million in new assessment growth was used to restore some programs.””

2012-01-20 | National Post
“James Pasternak, councillor for York Centre, was a centrist who helped tip the scales against the Mayor. Here, he explains his thinking.”

2012-01-19 |
“The little package that Councillor Colle and a few of us put together represented .15 per cent of the budget,” he said. “But when you’re in a situation where you’re caught between two different groups there’s no doubt – it’s very difficult. But you have to make sure you’re not cutting programs for ideological reasons but because they no longer have a purpose.””

2012-01-19 | Now
“Pasternak supported Colle’s motion, in what he later characterized as a victory for “managed change.””

2012-01-19 | National Post
“Key votes in the coalition were right-leaning councillors Gloria Lindsay Luby (Etobicoke Centre)…and James Pasternak (York Centre), who was worried about cutting grants to seniors and women’s groups, and discontinuing free programming at “priority centres,” a label slated to extend to the Antibes Community Centre in his ward this year.”

2012-01-19 | Toronto Star
“”What you saw was a centre-right budget,” explained newbie Councillor James Pasternak, who endured enormous arm-twisting to vote against Ford this time. “I will support items on their merit; it’s like a minority government.””

2012-01-18 | Toronto Sun
“He (Pasternak) said he voted for the $15 million in spending because the funding was important to residents in his ward.”

2012-01-18 | Globe and Mail
“”It was a tipping point in that we showed Toronto wants managed change, not sharp turns,” said Mr. Pasternak.”

2012-01-17 | Toronto Star
“”I should have a StairMaster here to ward off all the stress,” Pasternak said with a chuckle, adding Ford “offered me very constructive encouragement” but, in the end, they agreed to disagree.”

2012-01-16 | Now
“Moderate and left-wing councillors joining together to fashion what Pasternak calls a “made-in-the-middle” budget would be an embarrassing development for the mayor. ”

2012-01-16 | Globe and Mail
“”My inclination is to support motions that reverse some of the cuts,” said Councillor James Pasternak, usually a reliable Ford vote.”

2012-01-13 |
“But York Centre Councillor James Pasternak stressed the development “is not a done deal. Far from it.””

2011-12-20 | Town Crier
“The idea for the 4,000 square metre fenced-in park came from the throng of dog owners in the North York area who wanted a place where they could have their dogs roam around freely, according to Councillor James Pasternak.”

2011-12-18 | Toronto Sun
“Except for some minor indigestion around his need for taxpayer-funded snacks, this newbie has exceeded expectations. He does his homework and genuinely gets the city’s fiscal problems.”

2011-12-09 | Toronto Star
“But Councillor James Pasternak, who usually votes with the mayor, said a majority of council now supports a tactic Ford disapproves of: preventing some of the $88 million in cuts by dipping into the city’s $139 million surplus.”

2011-12-06 | Jewish Tribune
“The event is being presented by the Canadian Committee for the Haifa Foundation and the office of Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak.”

2011-12-01 | SNAP North York
“Councillor James Pasternak opened the Earl Bales Park’s Dogs Off Leash Area, as part of his promise in the 2010 campaign election.”

2011-12-01 | Town Crier
“Arbortrek Canopy Adventures, based in Vermont, approached York Centre councillor James Pasternak with a 21-page proposal to install and operate a series of zip lines, aerial trekking course and welcome facility at the Bathurst and Sheppard area park.”

2011-11-27 | Toronto Star
“The red lines have been drawn. I will not support cuts to many of our social services and arts programs. (Library) branch closures are a non-starter. Daycares – we’ve got a problem, but we can’t unilaterally just cut those without a parachute from the province…I support the environment,’ Pasternak said.”

2011-11-22 |
“This adds to the great assets we have in this ward,” York Centre Councillor James Pasternak said during the ceremony. “We have this facility here and it enhances the ward further.”

2011-11-13 | CityNews Toronto
“Poodles mixed with Pomeranians at the unveiling of a new dog park in North York on Sunday.”

2011-10-27 | Canadian Jewish News
“Politicians present included Conservative MP Mark Adler, Toronto Ward 10 Coun. James Pasternak and Markham Ward 2 Coun. Howard Shore.”

2011-10-18 | Town Crier
“Pasternak wants north Bathurst line reinstated”

2011-10-18 | Town Crier
“In attendance were veterans from the Second World War, foreign diplomats and politicians including Ward 10 councillor James Pasternak and Canada’s minister of citizenship and immigration Jason Kenney.”

2011-10-01 | National Post
“I support a blended approach to our deficit by increasing revenue and finding efficiencies. We must reduce Toronto’s workforce by attrition, early retirement packages and gapping vacant positions.”

2011-09-26 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak said he’ll be pushing his colleagues for an OT freeze.”

2011-08-17 | Town Crier
“$2.2-million renovation set to begin next spring.”

2011-08-17 | Town Crier
“When these things start they just start really as an idea, as a suggestion and you continue with it,” says Pasternak. “There are setbacks along the way but we endured and then we finally got the project ongoing.”

2011-08-04 | Jewish Tribune
“Construction is under way for 237 new affordable rental housing units for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities in Toronto.”

2011-08-04 | National Post
“But don’t tell Councillor James Pasternak that August is down time. As vice chairman of the civic appointments committee, he’s buried under binders of purple paper.”

2011-07-21 | Toronto Star
“Councillor James Pasternak is a reliable vote for Mayor Rob Ford. But if Ford proposes library closures, Pasternak says he will dissent.”

2011-07-18 |
“”We watched for many years as the site sat vacant,” Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak said. “We are ensuring the most vulnerable residents are safe and secure.””

2011-07-08 |
“‘This reaffirms Ward 10 is on the road to revitalization,’ said local councillor James Pasternak.”

2011-07-01 | SNAP North York
“Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak invited the community to The Sarah and Morris Feldman Sensory Garden and Accessible Water Playground Grand Opening Ceremony at Earl Bales Park last month.”

2011-06-26 | Jewish Tribune
“City Council has passed a motion by Councillor James Pasternak that directs City Manager Joe Pennachetti to update Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy.”

2011-06-20 | Arutz Sheva
“Canada’s largest city has voted to re-write and update its anti-discrimination policies so that terms such as “Israeli Apartheid” would violate city standards.”

2011-06-20 | Canadian Jewish News
“James Pasternak, councillor for Ward 10 York Centre, put forward the motion at last week’s council meeting in an effort to block groups such as Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) from participating in city funded events.”

2011-06-19 | Jewish Telegraphic Agency
“The issue is “the greatest challenge facing Toronto Jewry,” James Pasternak, a Jewish city councilman who introduced the motion for the review, told JTA. “It is vital that we amend the policy.””

2011-06-18 | Toronto Sun
“Quietly and quickly, Coun. James Pasternak got his motion through last week’s city council meeting, calling for an updated anti-discrimination policy.”

2011-06-16 |
“York Centre Councillor James Pasternak said the sensory garden is a greatly appreciated gift from (Goldie) Feldman.”

2011-06-16 |
“Pasternak maintained that the group’s very name – which links Israeli treatment of Palestinians to the South African Apartheid movement – was provocative and designed to demonize Israel and Jews.”

2011-06-10 | Town Crier
“Pasternak said that he would work with colleagues to rewrite the policy. He also said funding will be withheld if the group participates in the parade this year.”

2011-06-10 | Town Crier
“There has been a consensus for some time that Toronto could use another degree-granting university. An economical way of approaching this might be to leverage existing resources and fill current capacity.”

2011-06-10 | Town Crier
“Councillor James Pasternak helps open the new garden at Montessori Jewish Day School on May 31 with students and parents Lydia Puntillo and Valerie Weiss. The sensorial garden was created to mark the school’s 10th anniversary.”

2011-06-01 | North York Post
“Coun. James Pasternak recently submitted a proposal to North York Community Council requesting a public meeting to discuss the Bathurst Manor plaza.”

2011-05-30 | Jewish Tribune
“According to Councillor James Pasternak, more needs to be said about the city manager’s report that the messaging doesn’t violate the anti-hate laws”

2011-05-15 | Toronto Star
“James Pasternak, who often votes with the mayor, loves canoeing, regularly bikes around his ward and is the proud owner of a vinyl record collection that includes Phil Ochs, Neil Young, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan albums. ”

2011-05-13 |
“Before they depart for Auckland, Mayor Rob Ford and city councillor James Pasternak will honour the team’s achievement during a public ceremony at City Hall on May 18.”

2011-05-03 | SNAP North York
“Ward 10 joined in on the City of Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover outside the Antibes Community Centre last month. ”

2011-05-03 | SNAP North York
“Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak of Ward 10 – York Centre, invited SNAP to join him and his team for a Community Environment Day at Esther Shiner Stadium. ”

2011-04-15 | Toronto Star
“Mammoliti’s made his comments to the Star after allies on the issue, including Councillor James Pasternak and the chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said in interviews that they were satisfied with the QuAIA announcement.”

2011-04-15 | Toronto Star
“One of Pasternak’s goals is to revitalize the stretch of Wilson from east of Bathurst St. to Wilson Heights: “It’s an area that needs refreshing and there’s a great opportunity to bring new residential and commercial vitality to the area.”

2011-04-15 | CTV News
“Toronto Coun. James Pasternak expressed relief at QuAIA’s announcement but said further assurances were needed.”

2011-04-15 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak said he was relieved to hear the group has vowed not to march.”

2011-04-13 | Toronto Star
“Councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre) made the motion, saying the community centre doesn’t currently have priority centre status, though Bathurst-Finch is one of Toronto’s 13 “priority neighbourhoods.””

2011-04-13 | National Post
“Councillor James Pasternak said the report’s conclusion “doesn’t reflect the gravity of the situation” and that perhaps the problem is with the anti-discrimination policy. ”

2011-04-13 | CTV Toronto
“Toronto City Coun. James Pasternak said he is also shocked and dismayed by the report.”

2011-04-13 | CityNews Toronto
“”I am shocked and dismayed by the findings in this report,” Coun. James Pasternak said in a written statement. “QuAIA is advancing a preposterous analogy of the Israeli-Palestinian question. (The group) should never be allowed to participate in a civic funded event.””

2011-04-11 | Toronto Sun
“”Playing golf is a vital activity and we’re very lucky to have fantastic green space and strong golf courses and offer that opportunity,” Pasternak said.”

2011-04-11 | Town Crier
“Groups and individuals who have contributed over 137,000 hours to city-run long term care facilities receive kudos from council.”

2011-04-08 | Town Crier
“In Ward 10 we have a great abundance of both parkland and dog owners. Therefore it wasn’t a big surprise that my office has received proposals for two dog off-leash zones in our local parks. The timing was excellent as I had made the creation of off-leash zones a promise during the 2010 election campaign.”

2011-04-08 | Town Crier
“Meanwhile, new councillor James Pasternak says fulfilling Mayor Ford’s full vision along Sheppard at a cost of $4 billion would “take a lot more work.””

2011-04-08 | Town Crier
“Residents in the under-served Antibes community shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for rec programs offered at the local community centre, councillor James Pasternak says. ”

2011-04-07 | Toronto Sun
“A former trustee, Toronto Councillor James Pasternak, says the kids should have been kept away from OCAP.”

2011-04-07 | National Post
“But Councillor James Pasternak (York Centre) says many of his colleagues, who feel they have already taken a major step by slashing expense budgets, will likely resist further restrictions.”

2011-04-01 | North York Post
“Councillor James Pasternak, and a handful of local business owners, want to fight competition from the Yorkdale Shopping Centre development by forming a business improvement area (BIA) that would revitalize part of Wilson Avenue.”

2011-04-01 | North York Post
“Toronto’s Community Development and Recreation Committee will be reviewing a motion this month to make the Antibes Community Centre a “Priority Centre,” which would cut fees for some programs.”

2011-03-31 | Toronto Sun
“We’re hoping for both federal and provincial partners to get the Finch line going,” Pasternak said.”

2011-03-31 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak – who promised his constituents he’d fight for the Sheppard subway to stretch from Yonge St. to Downsview – was optimistic the plan will happen.”

2011-03-25 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak – who represents the neighbourhood and pushed for the designation – called the committee’s decision a good first step in bringing about the status change.”

2011-03-20 | National Post
“On Facebook, Councillor James Pasternak expressed surprise and dismay that “almost every basic office support is debited from the office account. So it looks like we are spending a lot more than we actually are.” ”

2011-03-19 | Toronto Sun
“Coun. James Pasternak believes this is the year for the city to make a strong statement denouncing QuAIA.”

2011-03-10 | The Canadian Jewish News
“Off campus in Toronto, City Councillor James Pasternak released a statement last week that condemned IAW as an “offensive and repugnant event” and said the organizers are “advancing a preposterous analogy of the Israel-Palestinian question, the history of the apartheid regime in South Africa” and “undermining the peace process.” ”

2011-03-07 |
“York Centre Councillor James Pasternak is asking Toronto councillors to declare the Antibes Community Centre a priority centre.”

2011-03-07 | Town Crier
“In February, about 25 local business owners met at the invitation of councillor James Pasternak to discuss the idea of starting a business improvement area.”

2011-03-01 | SNAP North York
“Councillor James Pasternak and his staff invited the residents of Ward 10 to the Antibes Centre last month for a meet and greet. ”

2011-02-24 | Toronto Star
“”We’re dealing with $9 billion of taxpayers’ money here. To have a sober second opinion on how we’re spending it I think is prudent,” said Councillor James Pasternak.”

2011-02-24 | 680 News
“Defending the spending, Councillor James Pasternak said that with a $9.4-billion budget, more hands are needed. “It is extremely difficult for our staff to review (the budget) and make sure it’s being spent as effectively as possible,” said Pasternak.”

2011-02-24 | Global Toronto
“Mayor Rob Ford is coming under fire for a proposal to spend millions on consultants who are supposed to help the city save money. Jackson Proskow reports.”

2011-02-23 |
“But York Centre Councillor James Pasternak argued that while it would be ideal to fund all necessary transit requirements, including the Finch LRT, there isn’t an unlimited stash of money to bankroll them all.”

2011-02-18 | CTV News
“”Part of our mission is to promote exercise, extra-curricular activities and getting people away from the computer, off the couch and outside,” said York-Centre Coun. James Pasternak, who attended the event.”

2011-02-11 | Blog TO
“In October 2010, James Pasternak was elected to replace long-time councillor Mike Feldman in Ward 10. Pasternak joins city council after working as a trustee for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) since 2006.”

2011-02-08 | North York Town Crier
“York-Centre Councillor James Pasternak’s Ward 10 neighbours Filion’s and he expects if boundaries are redrawn it would mean his ward would absorb more residents. ”

2011-02-01 | North York Post
“Local Councillor James Pasternak said the Antibes Community Centre is “under enormous pressure” as it is, and added that Ward 10 ranks low on the list for community services in general.”

2011-01-28 |
“About 300 residents turned out for York Centre Councillor James Pasternak’s meet-and-greet gathering at the Antibes Community Centre Tuesday night, where the hottest topic focused on a proposed controversial townhouse development in the Westminster community.”

2011-01-26 |
“A North York councillor has condemned the recent airport bombing in Moscow, Russia, which left 35 people dead and dozens wounded Monday, Jan. 24.”

2011-01-25 | Toronto Sun
“Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak expressed his outrage at the attacks on Tuesday. ‘It is a heinous way to try to settle a dispute and we must never stop speaking out against it” Pasternak said. “Our prayers an thoughts are with the Russian community…we’re all going to stand together condemning it and in memorial for it.”

2011-01-24 | National Post
“including Ward 10 councillor James Pasternak. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the senseless bombing of Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, Russia that killed at least 35 people and injured at least 152. I wish to extend my sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims and hope for a full recovery of those injured in the attack. ”

2010-12-17 |
“He’s got the mayor in his corner but not yet the TTC. York Centre (Ward 10) Councillor James Pasternak is pushing for the construction of a westward extension of the Sheppard subway from the TTC’s Yonge to Downsview stations.”

2010-12-16 | Toronto Sun
“Councillor James Pasternak stressed he supports the right to strike but transit is too important to leave to chance. He warned if council didn’t approve asking for the designation, the union would threaten to strike at crucial times like when the Pan Am Games come in 2015.”

2010-12-16 | Toronto Star
“Such is the force of a tax that rookie Councillor James Pasternak described thusly: People couldn’t relate to it; it was not well explained; it was implemented with no purpose. “It was unclear, unfocussed and poorly implemented” leaving council to “look more like government pickpockets.””

2010-12-08 |
“The North York Community Council will have three new faces: North York Centre Councillor James Pasternak, Don Valley West Councillor Jaye Robinson and Eglinton-Lawrence Councillor Josh Colle.”

2010-12-07 | Globe and Mail
“Jaye Robinson, Josh Matlow, Gary Crawford, James Pasternak, Vincent Crisanti, Michelle Berardinetti and Doug Ford are the other councillors who intend to vote yes or are leaning towards an affirmative vote. ”

2010-12-06 | Canadian Jewish News
“Rabbi Zaltzman Greeting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, In the background newly elected Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak, Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Regional and Local Councilor, Vaughan – Michael Dibiasy, Alan Shefamn, Councilor of ward 5 in Vaughan.”

2010-12-02 | Globe and Mail
“James Pasternak (York Centre). Says the city needs subways, but also a financial partnership with Queen’s Park. Doesn’t think a council resolution is necessary.”

2010-11-29 | Toronto Sun
“Standing at the corner of Bathurst St. and Sheppard Ave. W., Toronto Coun. James Pasternak hopes he’s at the future site of a subway station.”

2010-11-21 | Toronto Star
“In his bid for the Ward 10, York Centre seat, James Pasternak gave members of the public his direct phone number and encouraged them to use it.”