The Tippett Road Area Regeneration Study

Regeneration Area Study

The Tippett Road Area Regeneration Study is one of seven Regeneration Areas studies at the conclusion of the City’s Municipal Comprehensive Review of Employment Lands. Regeneration Areas are areas of the City that present an opportunity to attract investment, re-use buildings and encourage new construction. These areas are key to the Official Plan’s growth strategy and offer the opportunity to reintegrate underutilized areas of the City. Each Regeneration Area requires a tailor-made planning framework to help guide future growth that is informed by community consultation and a detailed planning study.

The Tippett Road Area Regeneration Study area is generally bounded by Wilson Heights Boulevard, Wilson Avenue, Champlain Boulevard, Highway 401 to the south and William R. Allen Road to the west. The Study Area currently contains light industrial, commercial and employment uses, a small park, a place of worship, and surface parking lots serving the adjacent Wilson subway station along with the associated subway station entrances.

The Study process was initiated in 2013 and included a community Staff report for consultation process, discussions with landowners and a review and assessment of the surrounding land uses and policy framework. Since initiating the study in 2013, staff held four community consultation meetings to seek community input into the study. This was in addition to meetings with landowners and the review of two active development applications within the study area. The result is a proposed comprehensive policy framework to guide the redevelopment of the Study Area as a complete community. The framework provides for a fine grain network of streets, parks and open spaces, pedestrian connections and an appropriate mix of uses and built form typologies, a mix of housing including the provision of affordable housing and a multi-modal transportation strategy to support a vibrant mixed-use community.

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The Regeneration Area Study Official Plan Amendment 309 has been appealed to the OMB by several landowners.  The hearing has been scheduled for June 5, 2017.  More information on the appeal can be found here: