Allen District Plan

Allen District Plan

Build Toronto has submitted a Plan for the Allen District, which is located within the Downsview Area Secondary Plan area. The Allen District is located south of Sheppard Avenue West, on either side of Allen Road. A District Plan must be completed to the satisfaction of the City before any development can take place in the defined area.  The District Plan is where streets and blocks are laid out with detailed information on land use, the type and size of buildings that can be built and treatment of the public realm. The District Plan is also important in setting out a Phasing Plan for how the District will grow.

The District Plan proposes a variety of land uses and built forms and provides for a number of sub-areas:

The Mixed Use area (Area 3) contains proposed residential units in the form of townhouses, and modified mid-rise buildings, as well as office and commercial uses in modified mid-rise buildings. The Mixed Use area also proposes a potential retail street which would serve as a pedestrian thoroughfare with at grade retail and would go between the subway station plaza and the retail residential block in the Neighbourhood area.

Banting Park (Area 6) at the north end of the District is proposed to be redeveloped. The District Plan proposes to locate structured parking beneath Banting Park.

Apartment Neighbourhoods (Area 2) fronting Allen Road, include low-rise apartments, modified mid-rise apartments and townhouses. At the north end of the Apartment area a “retail/residential block” is proposed. The intent is to link the subway station plaza at the north end of the District to the Apartment area.

Neighbourhoods (Area 1) are proposed to be located between the Apartment Neighbourhood and the existing residential community and would be low-rise dwellings in the form of semi-detached, townhouses, stacked and/or back-to-back townhouses

Parks and Open Space (South Park-Area 6)

An Institutional block (Area 5) is also proposed abutting Allen Road and adjacent to the park.

Employment land (area 4) located adjacent to the park and Bombardier’s site to the west

In addition to the above the applicant will need to provide a Public Art Strategy, Affordable Housing Strategy and Services and Facilities Strategy.

Some of the issues that were identified early included that the District Plan must conform with the Official Plan and the Downsview Area Secondary Plan, with specific respect to affordable housing, phasing of affordable housing, Section 37 (funds for community benefits), community services and facilities, configuration and programming of the proposed parks, transportation, density, development of new neighbourhoods, public art, built form, public realm and implementation.  It must also conform with specific respect to building heights, spatial relationships between buildings, building types and must have an appropriate Phasing Plan.

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A community consultation meeting was held on May 25th, 2016.  Since then, Build Toronto has received a first round of comments from City staff.  Build Toronto and City staff will be meeting at the end of March to discuss and address the comments. A summary will be posted to the City’s website and the Allen District website following this meeting.

Build Toronto will be updating the Allen District Plan in order to resubmit to the City. Prior to this resubmission, Build Toronto will be hosting the second round of community consultations to present updates to the Allen District Plan and discuss refinements for Phase 2 of the community engagement process. This will include a Local Advisory Committee Meeting and Community Meeting, similar to the first set of meetings (see attached process graphic for more details).