9 Tippett Road

9 Tippett Road

A site specific Zoning By-law for 9 Tippett Road was approved as part of the redevelopment of 525 Wilson Avenue and permitted a 5 storey office building on this site. That Zoning By-law was amended through an appeal process at the Ontario Municipal Board to permit a mixed use building with a maximum height of 17 storeys, containing a maximum of 500 residential units and a minimum of 1,068 square metres non-residential space.

At its meeting of July 7, 2015 City Council considered the Tippett Road Area Regeneration Study which included a description of the Settlement of the appeals pertaining to 9 Tippett Road. The settlement proposal reflected a concept plan for the site which was consistent with the proposed development framework illustrated in the proposed Official Plan Amendment attached to this report 7. The settlement was approved by Council at its meeting on December 9, 2015 and included a number of other provisions including a requirement to provide privately-owned publically accessible space, provision for a future east/west road, measures to create pedestrian walkways, a requirement for 25 affordable housing units, and section 37 benefits.

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