Committees & Agencies


Councillor Pasternak sits on the following committees and agencies. Click on the committee or agency name to view schedules and minutes.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee’s mandate includes, but is not limited to, coordinating the preparation of the capital and operating estimates while the annual capital and operating budgets are being developed, making recommendations on the capital and operating budgets, and reviewing other matters that may have a significant impact on a future budget, upon request from the Executive Committee.

Toronto Transit Commission, Board

The TTC serves the people of Toronto by ensuring your transit system is reliable, safe, and prepared for the future. To that end, the Board oversees matters of policy, planning TTC services; constructing, maintaining and operating the system; and expanding services and facilities.

North York Community Council

The North York Community Council is made up of Councillors who consider planning and neighbourhood matters for North York. (For example, traffic plans, parking regulations and exemptions to certain City bylaws). Community councils report to City Council but they also have final decision-making power on certain items, such as sign and fence by-law exemptions and appointments to local boards. Members of the public may arrange to speak or send in comments to these committees.

Civics Appointments Committee

The Civic Appointments Committee’s mandate is to consider and recommend to Council the names of citizens to appoint to agencies.

Parks and Environment Committee

The Parks and Environment Committee’s primary focus is the natural environment, with a mandate to monitor, and make recommendations on the sustainable use of Toronto’s natural environment.

St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Board of Directors

The mandate of the board of directors is to operate, manage and maintain the Centre as a theatre and auditorium and as a centre for meetings, receptions and displays, including the promotion, production or presentation of the performing arts, including theatrical, dramatic, musical and artistic works.

The board is responsible for supervising the business and affairs of the Centre, and for the long-term maintenance of the physical plant and equipment.