Bathurst Manor Town Hall on Monday, May 6th at 6:30PM

Notes from the Bathurst Manor Town Hall – May 6, 2019

  1. Wilmington Plaza


The Wilmington Plaza plan includes: 162 townhouse units, 3 storeys each, 1600 sq feet.

10 of those units will be zoned as live work units, which allow for offices or retail space.

There will be a public road throughout the development.


  • 222 underground parking spaces
  • 32 visitor parking spaces
  • 16 parking spaces on new road


The hope is to get final approval before Council’s summer break.

Section 37 (community benefits) to be finalized with the final approvals- funds to be used for Phase 3 of Irv Chapley Park improvements


All of the plans and studies can be found here:


Q: Which school will children be attending that move into this development?

A: The applicant is waiting for the circulation and comments from the school board.  If it is found that the schools are full, it will be written into the purchase agreements that children will need to be bussed to different schools.


Q: Will this development affect basement flooding in the neighbourhood?

A: The applicant has been going back and forth with City Staff at Toronto Water and Engineering Services.  The City has very strong rules and measurements for the impacts that developments can have on local infrastructure.  Staff is currently reviewing the application and if it is found necessary, the developer will need to make improvements to the infrastructure before building begins.  There will not be any negative impacts to the existing neighbourhood with regards to basement flooding.


Q: How many levels of underground parking will there be?

A: There will be one level of underground parking under each block.


Q: What is the digging that is currently happening on site?

A: They are currently doing environmental remediation.  They have not found anything harmful.  It is standard procedure.


Q: Will there be commercial space on site? There were promises in the past to provide information with cost per square foot and that never happened.

A: They plan to start marketing this summer.  They have had a sign up advertising retail space and have not been contacted.  They will provide anyone information through our office if it is requested.


Q: What is the construction timeline?

A: If construction begins next Spring, completion will be about 1.5 to 2 years after that.


Q: Will there be a sales centre? If so, where?

A: There will be a sales centre on site likely by the end of the year.


Q: Will these townhouses be rented out as Air BnB’s?

A: The City has policies on how Air BnB’s can be rented out and the new owners would need to follow the rules.  However, have been seeing clauses in condo agreements binding new owners to rules not allowing them rent them out for short term rentals.  This is something they can look at.


Q: Has a traffic analysis been conducted?

A: The developer is responsible for providing the City with a traffic analysis.  It is currently being reviewed by the City.  Any reports are made public via the link above.


Q: What is the community benefit from this development?

A: Once there is general approval of the site by City Staff we will discuss how much money the development will generate for the community.  The funds will go towards phase 3 of the Irv Chapley improvements.


Q: Will there be any amenity space within the development?

A: There will be a small outdoor amenity space for just the residents but the Park across the street will be a big attraction.


Q: Is 3 storeys realistic for older generations?

A:  Each unit can accommodate an elevator.



  1. Irv Chapley Park Update


In 2016, a Visioning Plan was created for what Irving Chapley Park could become.  The plan leveraged the park’s many facilities, creating an organizational structure through pathways linking key features, as well as creating a stronger identity for the park.  The first phase of the plan included relocating some of the existing playground equipment and adding other pieces to it.  The current phase, Phase 2, includes redoing the tennis courts and basketball courts and moving them northward, while inserting a properly designed parking lot and gathering space.  Phase 2 also includes seating, shade structures, lighting, columns and fencing, and is expected to be completed by Fall 2019.  Future phases shall be determined, based on available funding, yet to be confirmed. 


Q: Are you looking into the drainage issues in the park?

A: Right now staff are addressing issues where the work is happening.  The drainage will be addressed as part of Phase 3.


Q: Is there a way to connect the sidewalk on Overbrook Place? It is especially difficult during the winter.

A: Transportation Services would need to review, approve and fund a sidewalk at this location.  Our office will coordinate with Transportation Services on this matter.


Q: Park signage is falling over on Elder Street.  Can it be fixed or will it be replaced?

A: A new sign will be put in. It is currently not known if the old sign will be taken away.  Staff will look at the old sign and fix it.


Q: When is the work expected to be completed?

A: It is supposed to be complete by the Fall but the contractor is moving faster. We expect it to be completed during Summer.


Q: When is Phase 3 expected to begin?

A: Likely by 2021, especially since funding will be needed from the Section 37 (community benefits) generated through the Wilmington Plaza development.


Q: Will the basketball court be ready for this season?

A:  The work is expected to be completed this summer and the courts will open then.


Q: Is there any way to improve lighting in the pathway?

A: Lighting is something that Staff felt needed to be addressed right away so it will be dealt with through this project.


Q: Will the pool and splash pad be open this summer?

A: Yes, they will be open all summer.


  1. Traffic Management Plan


For years Transportation Staff have been dealing with traffic/transportation requests on a piecemeal basis. Transportation/traffic requests make up the most complaints in our office.


Through discussions with the community and Transportation Services staff we have decided to move forward with a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan. The motion submitted by our office can be seen here:


We will be working with Transportation Services and the community (through a working group) on making a master plan aimed to address speeding and cut through traffic by implementing new regulations. We ask that community members sign up for the working group and we will be contacting them to set up the first meeting.

This Plan can take up to a year to complete but new regulations can be phased in once they are decided on. Many suggestions were made during the meeting for what community members want to see addressed.  Transportation Services took notes and the suggestions will be looked at through the Traffic Management Process with the working group.


If you are interested in being a part of the working group, please send an email to with the subject: Bathurst Manor Traffic Management Plan Working Group.  And provide your preferred contact information as well as first and last name.



Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak would like to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding the important issues in our neighbourhood and city. City of Toronto staff will be in attendance to provide information and respond to inquiries. Light refreshments will be served.

Monday, May 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, 20 Tillplain Rd

Topics to be discussed include:
• News from City Hall
• Bathurst Manor Traffic Management Plan
• Wilmington Plaza Update
• Irving Chapley Park Construction Update

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