Toronto Hydro Overhead and Underground – Project Bathurst Cable Replacement

We’re planning to rebuild the aging underground electrical system in your community to help improve service reliability. The rebuild includes the replacement of underground primary cables utilizing existing underground duct structures within the City of Toronto’s public property allowance in front of or adjacent to your lot.

The civil and electrical portions of this project are expected to begin by early March 2019 with an approximate completion date of late September 2019. The boundaries include sections of Bathurst Street between Delhi Avenue (North) and Haddington Avenue (South).

Our crews and contractors will take extra care and precautions around your property. The portion of the driveway, sidewalk and other areas affected by our work will be restored upon completion of the project as season, weather and schedules permit.

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you exercise caution around construction areas. We look forward to working with you.

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