Councillor James Pasternak Condemns organized harassment of Jewish community outside B’nai Brith Headquarters

Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Ward 10, York Centre is condemning the planned gathering outside the B’nai Brith headquarters in North York and is working to with Toronto Police Service to ensure there is no danger to the community.

“It is deeply troubling that this group is apparently ready to protest in a residential neighbourhood and shut down a building that is used by many Jewish seniors, Holocaust survivors, and families. This protest represents another attempt to harass the Bathurst Manor Jewish community and the supporters of the State of Israel.”

“Furthermore, I am honoured to have B’nai Brith in my Ward and our community is grateful for the important programs and advocacy work they do,” said Councillor Pasternak.

“These anti-Israel groups ignore every other world conflict zone and are obsessed with demonizing the State of Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East – and the Jewish community of Toronto. Also, these anti-Israel groups have a history of having such hate rallies in Toronto costing the city tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and using up the precious resources of police services.”

Councillor Pasternak, is attending an emergency meeting with B’nai Brith and local representatives from the federal and provincial government – MP Michael Levitt and MPP Roman Baber – to provide a united front against this harassment of the Jewish community by the anti-Israel mob. Councillor Pasternak has communicated with Toronto Police Service 32 Division to ensure a strong police presence at the protest to ensure public safety and protection of property.

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