Information on the Replacement of the Avenue Road bridge over Highway 401

Expected Start Date: Spring 2018

Expected End Date: December 2019

WSP Canada Inc. has been selected by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) to administer construction Contract Number 2017-2015 for the replacement of the Avenue Rd. Bridge over Highway 401 and resurfacing of Avenue Rd. from Wilson Ave. to Bombay Ave. (including associated interchange ramps) in the City of Toronto.

The construction contract has been awarded to Brennan Paving and Construction Ltd. (BPCL)

MAIN SCOPE OF WORK                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Work is anticipated to be constructed over two years beginning in spring 2018
  • The west side of the Avenue Rd. Bridge will be demolished and reconstructed in Stage 1 (Spring 2018 to late November 2018)
  • The east side of the Avenue Rd. Bridge will be demolished and reconstructed in Stage 2 (Spring 2019 to late November 2019)
  • Barrier wall on the new Bridge will be raised 300mm in height
  • The profile along Avenue Road will be reconstructed and raised to provide a minimum of 5.0 metre clearance over Highway 401 with adjustments to the on and off ramps.
  • Resurfacing of the pavement on Avenue Road from Wilson Ave. to Bombay Ave. and all four ramps including new curb and gutter, including provisions for active transportation.
  • Replacement of the Highway 401 eastbound and westbound separator medians in the vicinity of the piers beneath the new Avenue Road Bridge
  • Electrical/ and ATMS work including replacement of existing municipal and MTO underpass illumination.
  • Existing drainage structures will be adjusted, relocated or replaced along Avenue Road as required
  • Replacement and extension of the noise barrier systems (with 5m height) in the northwest and southwest quadrants
  • Landscaping will be provided for two areas impacted within the MTO right-of-way with tree protection to be installed prior to and during construction


WHAT TO EXPECT DURING CONSTRUCTION                                                                                                                                             

  • Avenue Rd. will be reduced to one lane in each direction for both stages of the work (from 2 lanes in each direction)
  • Work crews will mark sidewalks and curbs requiring replacement and the locations of underground utilities, such as gas, water and cable so that the construction work does not interfere with these utilities
  • Temporary illumination on the bridge and underpass will not be required as existing or proposed lighting on Avenue Road will provide sufficient illumination
  • No impact to existing traffic signals. Temporary changes to lane configuration and/or signal timing as required for the construction staging




If you have questions about the upcoming work or road closures, please contact MTO or visit the Project Website, as follows:


MTO 2017-2015

Project Website for MTO 2017-2015 Project Updates, Road Closure Information and Contact Information




MTO General for Ontario 511 Traveller Information

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