TTC Bus Stop Improvements Happening in Ward 10 in 2018

The TTC is undertaking a city-wide program to upgrade up to 2500 bus stops. These improvements will make many more stops accessible to customers using mobility devices, as well as accommodate articulated buses and bring the stops to a state of good repair. In some instances, new concrete pads will be constructed where none existed before.

Improvements happening in Ward 10 are:

TTC Bus Route: Construction Schedule Start Dates:
36 Finch West May, 2018
96 Wilson May, 2018
60 Steeles West May, 2018
7 Bathurst May, 2018
  • Building new concrete pads at bus stops where none existed before.
  • Reconstructing bus stop pads to bring them to a state of good repair.
  • Widening bus stop concrete pads to allow the deployment of the ramp to serve customers using mobility devices.
  • Extending bus stop concrete pads to accommodate the longer articulated buses.
  • Relocating some stops (within the City right-of-way) to an area where they can be better accommodated or relocating stops closer to a signalised intersection for safety reasons.
  • Each bus stop will take a few days and in some cases a week or two to complete, pending site conditions and weather.
  • The City may temporarily remove, relocate or install City street furniture (i.e. shelters, bike rings, benches, litter bins).

Transit impacts:

  • During construction, stops will be taken out of service and temporary stops will be placed nearby.
  • “Out of Service” signs will be installed and temporary stop markers will be posted.

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