Tree plant area maintenance scheduled to occur in October by Allen Dr. and Wilson Heights Blvd.

Notice to Residents October 2017 Parks, Forestry & Recreation Urban Forestry Re: Tree plant area maintenance – scheduled to occur on or after October 10, 2017.

Please be advised that Toronto Urban Forestry will be conducting maintenance on an area planted with trees in 2005. The area is located at the turn off from W.R. Allen Dr. to Wilson Heights Blvd. This area is experiencing significant tree mortality in its upper canopy of non-native hybrid poplar trees. Trees have been selected for removal because they are dead, dying, non-native and, or impeding the growth of over 100 native understory trees planted in 2005.

General condition of stand showing dead trees taken from access point looking north, summer 2017. This work is required to create better growing conditions for a mostly native understory made up by: red and white oak, white pine, silver and sugar maple, hackberry, honey locusts, trembling aspens and other shrubs, etc. Herbicide will be applied, but only directly to the stumps of the removed trees. This is required to prevent re-sprouting that is well known to occur from this non-native species after it is cut. This step will reduce the trees future presence on this site and ability to again outcompete the native understory. An on-site information notice will be posted on site per the Ministry of Environment guidelines. The planted area is planned to be expanded with new plantings this fall, or early next spring. The removal work has been prepared by a Registered Professional Forester and Arborist.

Herbicide applications will be completed by a licenced applicator. The removals have been approved by Urban Forestry’s Tree Protection and Plan Review sections. For more information, please contact Joel McCracken RPF, Urban Forest Renewal at 647-209-0716. Or by email at For supplementary information related to this and other city projects visit the City of Toronto website at:

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