Councillor Pasternak calls on Toronto Public Library to Cancel Event hosted by Hate Activists

Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Ward 10, York Centre is calling on the Toronto Public Library to cancel a permit given to hate activists at the Richview Library, 1806 Islington Avenue, this evening.

“It is truly shocking that individuals who spread hatred, deny the Holocaust and have ties to neo-Nazi groups are being provided a permit by the Toronto Public Library to host an event inside a public building,” said Councillor Pasternak.

Councillor Pasternak was deeply disturbed to learn that not only was the group provided space at the library but they are also selling tickets to the event.

“I am hopeful that the Toronto Public Library will review this decision and cancel the permit provided to the individuals. Those tied to hate and bigotry have no place in our libraries,” said Councillor Pasternak.

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