Summary Minutes from the Bathurst Manor Town Hall Meeting on February 28, 2017

Bathurst Manor Town Hall- February 28th, 2017

Draft Summary for Discussion Only

Hosted by Ward 10 Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak (JP)

Special Guests

  • Shawn Dillon (SD), Manager, Traffic Operations
  • Saleem Khan (SK), Manager, Design & Construction Linear Ground Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction Services
  • Philip Cheung (PC), Senior Engineer, Toronto Water
  • Detective Sergeant Sean Broman (SB), 32 Division
  • Howie Clements, Crime Prevention (HC), 32 Division
  • Adam Brown (AB), Sherman Brown Barristers and Solicitors, Representative for Wilmington Plaza


  • Introduction by Councillor Pasternak
  • Shawn Dillon – Outlined Transportation Issues in the Ward which include speeding, traffic calming, traffic signals and parking. He also outlined the process for implementing requests for the above. More information can be found here:
    • In short, for things such as speed humps, parking changes and speed reductions to 30 km/h or less, a petition must be submitted which includes the support of at least 25% of the households affected
    • For things such as all way stop signs, other traffic signs, speed reductions which are over 30 km/h, and traffic signals, a request can be made by a single request either straight to Transportation Services or through the Councillor’s office
    • Once a request is made a study is conducted and a staff report is drafted with either positive or negative recommendations
    • The matter gets taken to North York Community Council by the Councillor’s office and a vote takes place
  • Saleem Khan- Discussed improvements going forward in Ward 10 with respects to Basement Flooding Mitigation. There will be sanitary and sewer upgrades happening in the Ward beginning this year through to 2021.
    More information on projects coming to Ward 10 can be found here:
  • Detective Sergeant Sean Broman stated they were there to answer any questions that anyone wanted to ask.
  • Adam Brown- Presentation on the proposal for the Wilmington Plaza Redevelopment.
    • The last application for this site called for over 400 units in 6 storey condominium building and stacked townhouses along the back of the property
    • After the Community Consultation on September 30th, 2013 where the community expressed their opposition, the plan was dropped
    • Since then a new plan was presented with over 300 stacked house units which was also not satisfactory
    • This latest plan proposes 164 back to back, 3 storey, luxury townhouse units with underground parking with direct access to each unit which will range from $800,00-$1,000,000
    • A history of the proposals for this site can be found here:
    • The site is designated mixed use as per the official plan and calls for increased density as opposed to the surrounding neighbourhood which is designated neighbourhoods which is why City Planning was supportive of the higher density 6 storey condo application
    • With this proposal they are under-intensifying the site
    • This application has not officially been submitted to the City yet. The owners are working on how to move forward. The process has been ongoing for 10 years so this may be filed as a friendly appeal at the OMB

Q & A

Q: At the previous meeting there was mention about some retail on the site but tonight there is no mention of retail
AB: There is a circle on the plan which shows a dual zoning which will allow for retail to be built there should a retailer be found
Q: Would that be enough for just one retailer or more?
AB: Looking to allocate 25,000 Square feet so it would depend on the retailer if they would need that whole space or if could be shared
Q: I thought zoning was mixed use and the site would need to provide both residential and commercial
AB: The policy states that it can be only residential, only commercial, or a mix of both
Q: We have one shot at this development and the owner needs to show some commitment by going forward and actually putting commercial on the plan and on the site. Not just a dual zoning option. Needs to build the commercial so that someone will go into it. No one will buy into this if it not even on the plan.
AB: The owners have reached out to different retailers and nobody wants the space. They would be happy to put a marketing sign up to attract retailers.
Q: All tenants/retailers of the plaza thought that they would be able to come back.
AB: That was not something that was promised. Once the site is redeveloped the rents will not be the same as they were before and based on the traffic will not be able to pay higher rents.
Q: At the Town Hall in January someone had suggested semi-detached homes. It is a large site and we don’t see why this cannot be done. Is money the bottom line?
AB: The owners will not be doing just semis. That would be severe underdevelopment. If money was the bottom line they would have gone forward with the 400 units in the 6 storey condo.
Comment from constituent: Thank you for reducing the amount of units. We have retail available on Dufferin and at the Sheppard Plaza. This is our new reality. If people want more retail they will need more parking so unless people want Irv Chapley park to become a parking lot, they will be to understand that they need to compromise. Should be acknowledged that they are not going to make the maximum profit on this site and that is appreciated.
Q: What about the increased traffic? Will the area support it?
AB: Traffic thresholds were met as per the last application which was significantly denser. The applicant must provide a transportation report which the City reviews and decides if it is appropriate for the site.
Q: There is no way that the traffic will not impact the neighbourhood.
AB: Traffic is bad everywhere, it is not just this neighbourhood.
Q: What about the effect of this development on basement flooding in this area?
AB: Every development must prove that they accommodate the new load. If they cannot, they must pay to make the upgrades.
Q: Are the kids zoned for neighbourhood schools?
A: If the schools are full the kids in the new development will get bused to outside schools. It will be stated as part of the purchasing contract.
Comment (JP): Chaos around traffic is primarily because kids are driven to school and not walking or taking the bus like in previous generations.
Q: When the Environmental Assessment (EA) for Area 19 Basement Flooding Mitigation Study was done a few years ago did it take into account 200 new flushes per day?
SK: When an EA is done they take into consideration a population 20 years later. An application had already been made for this site (more dense than this application) so it was on the radar and accounted for.
Q: How will school catchment area be affected?
JP: We want healthy enrolment and catchment areas are tricky part of schoolboard planning. It is very difficult to have it changed.
Q: I heard the new Chesswood and Sheppard station will be both a subway station and a GO station with no parking?
JP: Yes. I don’t know how that went through. GO is based on the system that people will drive to the station and take the train from the station.
Comment: The positive side is that there will be access to a GO station so close to Ward 10.
Q: The amount of units in this new development means that there will be a max of 254 cars going out each morning during rush hour.
AB: No, that is not a max number. It is not even close to being a 1:1 ratio.
Q: Will there be direct access from the garage to the units?
AB: Yes
Q: Would Biddington (owners) consider selling the property?
AB: Not expecting to but always a possibility if the right offer came along. It is 6 acres, 250,000 square feet
Q: People are concerned with the lack of new schools in the area. Any plans to put new schools in?
JP: There is an opportunity to do so in the Allen District Area. They are currently going through the approvals process and could be a very long time before anything goes in there. There are spaces allocated for institutional uses.
Q: We need more right hand turn lanes in the neighbourhood.
A: Right now we are working on one at Kennard and Allen Road. Very difficult to get done once sidewalks and roads are established.
Q: Any plans for improvement funds (S.37)? We want Wilmington to be a beautiful street like Faywood Blvd.
AB: Our hope is that there be a resolution at Council for a consensual contract on S. 37 funds.
JP: Cash in lieu funds (S. 42) are non-negotiable and must be paid for park improvements. Money will go into Irv Chapley Park.
Q: You (AB) made a comment about a friendly settlement. Doesn’t that going to the OMB?
AB: If we go that route it would not be a hearing, it would be a settlement at Council.
Q: What measures are being taken by police to improve safety in the area? Cars are being stolen every night and houses are being broken into.
SB: You need to focus on prevention first. Ensure that someone is always home, lights on, shrubbery outside is at a minimum, alarm system is installed and on, get cameras installed if you can, don’t leave things out that can easily be accessed.
Q: Cars are being lifted up from the driveway. Unfortunately not everyone can afford cameras. So many people have had their cars stolen.
SB: It does seem bad but within 32 division area, you are among the lowest
Q: Do we have less presence and less patrols?
SB: Not any less than anywhere else in the City. Budget is a problem since what police are allocated is what they can provide in terms of services/patrols. Several auto rings have been taken down in the past couple of years ie. Yellow bird. The police is not ignoring the problem, it is something that takes time to bring down. Also you may not see the police but they are doing their work undercover. It is important that neighbours watching report the suspicious activity. Call 911. Take down license plate numbers. 60% of houses that are broken into have alarms that were not turned on.
Q: What number do we call?
A: If you see something in action ie. Kicking down someone’s door call 911
Q: There are many 2 way stop signs in the neighbourhood and many near misses because people do not stop. We need to turn them into all-way stops and also have more enforcement. Do police and transportation services record near misses?
HC: police have high collision areas and will adjust to complaints so submit complaints/report online.
Q: If we have a near miss as individuals can we take down their information?
HC: Yes, but also must be able to identify the driver and potentially be willing to go to court.
Q: Any way to do a study of the area? A lot of near misses. Because there are not all way stops everywhere, it is not consistent.
HC: Must hire someone to do a study. Police don’t do studies.
SD: Yes there is consistency. The consistency is that they must stop at every stop sign. An overwhelming amount of people who do not comply are those in the neighbourhood and who know it best. City can do a study.
Q: This is a major issue. How do we make it safer?
SD: We are doing many studies and have found the locations are appropriately signed. If there are specific traffic areas that concern you we can have a look at it.
Q: There are no crossing lights or cross walks on Wilmington except at Overbrook Pl.
SD: There is an ongoing investigation for where to implement them.
Q: What about roundabouts instead of stop signs?
SD: roundabouts are not a viable solution for grid streets that have been built already. Will need to take out sidewalk corners and or properties.
Q: Heard there was a plan to close the on ramp onto the Allen on Wilson Heights?
JP: I moved a motion to make sure that they stay as is with current configuration. I also put money into improvements at the parkette in order to make it near impossible to move in future.
Q: At Irv Chapley there are almost no tables and benches. Especially when walking in from Elder St.
JP: We have made many improvements to the park in the past couple of years and have put in many benches. Will be putting more and the improvements continue.
Q: What about the diamond lanes on Dufferin? They add to the traffic problem and are not being used in the best way.
JP: With the new subway opening up they will not be necessary any more so they will be changed.
Q: “The study used to determine the basement flooding work in Bathurst Manor did not reflect the basement flooding data/occurrences in 2014. There was time for this data to be used & considered. Why was this not done?”
A: The events in 2014 were not analyzed because the study was essentially completed by mid-2014. Below is the timeline:
Notice of Completion was filed in October 2014. The final EA report was completed and submitted for 30-day public review in August 2014.
The preferred flood protection alternatives for the study were presented to the public for comments at PIC #2 in July 2013. Alternatives were developed based on meeting the Council adopted design criteria.

JP: Thank you everyone. There will be a statutory meeting at some point for the development so we will keep you updated. Please contact our office for any questions or concerns, we take every request very seriously.

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