Two Significant Bargaining Units of the City of Toronto’s Inside Workers Vote to Accept the City’s Offer

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Two significant bargaining units of the City of Toronto’s inside workers voted Wednesday to accept the City’s final offer made during bargaining with CUPE Local 79 on the weekend. The Full-time and Part-time B units of CUPE Local 79 and TCEU Local 416 (CUPE) have all now ratified their collective agreements. These employees represent approximately 90 per cent of the full-time equivalent employees represented by CUPE.

The City is pleased that is has resolved two long-standing issues. Employment security is no longer a matter in dispute between the parties as the job security provision of 15 years of seniority has only ever applied to permanent full-time employees, who have now ratified their collective agreement. In addition, the ratification of the full-time unit also now means that the City has successfully eliminated the unnecessary administrative 30-minute shift overlap in the Long-Term Care Homes and Services Division.

The other two units (part-time Recreation Workers and part-time Long-Term Care Homes and Services Workers) voted yesterday to reject the City’s offer. The part-time employees in the Long-Term Care Homes and Services unit will proceed to binding arbitration and do not have the legal right to strike.

The next step in the process is for City Council to meet in a special session to consider the two agreements ratified by the Local 79 members. The date of the meeting will be announced as soon as possible. Details of the agreements will be posted on this website when they have been approved by Council.

In terms of the part-time recreational workers, the City intends to meet with the union to hear their outstanding issues however it is important to note that the other employee units have just ratified their agreements and they are similar to the Local 416 agreement ratified last month.

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